I Think Sunlight Is Better

by Calm Cow

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"Calm Cow's sophomore effort turns out to be a substantial experience that echos the originality of their first album, What You Are Running From, while being more consistent, containing stronger songwriting, and more centered philosophy." - Atticus Finch

"I think I Think Sunlight Is Better is better." - Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones


released September 1, 2014

Ellis Vavra - guitar, aluminum snarebourine, bass, electric drums, piano, backing vocals

Raleigh Delk - lead vocals, saxophone, melodica, samples

Sam Hendricks - lead vocals, guitar, bass, trumpet, electric drums, melodica, mixing/producing

Lane Orton-Cartnal - piano on "I Know" and "Death Conjugated," tambourine on "Dying Ripple," backing vocals on "Oscillating Seasons"

Dylan Lyman - electric drums and backing vocals on "Ode to O"



all rights reserved


Calm Cow Baywood Los Osos, California

"The thing is, when an artist makes a painting, or a song, he makes it."
- The RZA


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Track Name: Dying Ripple
Oils of permanence the smell of old
Dying ripples and cold
You once were a beast that sailed below
Now you lay where the young ones loath
Tell me tell me through your hole
Where you blew and where you lived
Death consumes and eats to the bones
Through a rubber hull
We watch the children stare and fool
As they prod your great gray spool
Flashes of forever don't respect the dead
And It doesn't matter what I said
One day I fled and never returned
Not yet to your lonely home
Going up the coast they see
A sea of you and me
The whales of old from the wales of time
Yee de hi de ho
Yee de hi de go
Track Name: The Robbing Bank
Pain hysterics and grief
as i clean bugs from my sink
my heart slowly weeps
as i take a long peek

Down at my wallet with only
one thing in it
an absence of substance
abused for their profit

I can say I’m angry
But I cant say I’m happy
When I try to believe
That I’m not going crazy

I would sell my soul
for the chance to see
what goes on in between the air between you and me
as you lie to my face
and tell me that it’s worth anything at all

I walk down the street
With my teeth in my palms
They all fell out
When i started listening to your stupid songs

From your chest comes a claw
made of organs and veins
It reaches down my esophagus
And rips out my heart

My tendons tear and my throat expands
As my fist sized muscle
slides into your hands

Covered in blisters and dirt
From digging the graves
for the books you’ve burned
and the lessons you’ve learned
and the people you’ve hurt

Track Name: I Know
I know...I know...
He used to guess
And now I know I

know the world is flat and mother came home
Joe came running with my heart's relief
Nowhere near the moss is loved
But half of each tree still feels the same


I know I'm gonna die now
But I'm not scared
I can say goodbye instead of hello
I know I'll go to the shore where Jack once stood
And lay with his girl named Sasha
I know there will be an end to my pain
When I can say farewell and greet another me
Track Name: Oscillating Seasons
As the autum leaf falls
So does my hope
That summer will last forever

The air becomes crisp
And the beach becomes bare
As days get shorter and shorter

Kids put on their masks
And scavange for candy
While their mothers bake cobblers and pies

The bears and the rabbits
Store what they can gather
Ahead a cold dark winter lies

The snow is falling
But barely enough
The skiers will surely be bummed

Trees with crooked branches
Homeless with trashcan fires
A dead dog covered in blood

Humanity is starting to freeze up in fear
Of the spring thats infertile as it is near

The spring looks the same as the winter
Where is the green?
The hills have stayed amber

I guess mother nature
Was feeling tired
Of giving us
Food for nothing in return

We burned all our bridges
By building more bridges
Killing the land with our wars

Spring is the time
Where we're given rewards
But this year was not like before

Summer hits soft
And relieves us of worry
The days are finally long

Kids play in pools
The beaches are crowded
And teenagers sleep all day

A time of rest
A time of recovery
A time to fall in love

But in the back of my mind
I can't help but anticipate
The seasons yet to come
Track Name: Ode to O
We loved you first
We love you now
Taught you to serve
Taught you to bow
I know there's something I'm forgetting
You were the best
But we never gave you
What you deserved


You ate your water
With your hands
But they were less than hands
You ate your food in silence
And hopefully not with out eyes
Your picture on the wall
Of the hospital
Daddy took it right down
Tiles screamed of fear


I'll never forget you
But we already have
Until rebirth comes for you
I have something for you
A nice big treat
And it's name is Willow
Track Name: It's Nice Out There
Its nice out there
Can you feel it?
The birds and the bees and the flowers are beginnin

To sing
A lovely song
And the feeling lasts all day long

Its nice out there
Can you smell it?
Love is in the air and i know you know i know it

This time of year
Puts a smile on my face
That nothing can replace

Cause even though theres a pain in my heart
As my mind is falling apart

I claw at the walls of my soul
And pray for forgiveness
Track Name: Leave the Earth (As You Entered It)
Last night in a room 
full of stars
I rose
to the top

I reached them and I saw
what could be done
If we bring them
back to life

Wishing on them while they die
Dont tell anyone
The secrets you shared with your friends
The stars will know

I’ve got everything I want
right here with me
my friends, my car
and my radio

And when you die
leave the earth as you entered it
if not better than before
And when you rise
Take a star with you
Cause if we can wish on them dying
Imagine what we can do putting them back in the sky

Our bodies are decomposing
And I know you know
we’re for


Last night in a room full of nothing
I fell to the bottom
I saw what happens when
You let yourself become a fool

Don’t ignore the feeling
When you're sitting on the ceiling
Don’t ignore the feeling
When you’re falling from the ceiling